Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Traveler's Team Interviews RomanticNocturnis

Hello, fellow Time Travelers and shops. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing RomanticaNocturnis, a unique shop which sells handmade Victorian clothing. RomanticaNocturnis has been featured on the first page of Etsy as well as being lucky thirteenth in The Dark Side of the Net's article "13 Goth Shops to Tempt your Already Shrinking Wallet."

Me: So many Etsy shops cater primarily to women; we seem to forget that Victorian men wore distinguished clothing as well. How does it feel to be one of the few shops that cater to both sexes?

RomanticaNocturnis: I am very proud to carry clothing for both zee ladies and zee gentlemen alike. Eet seems almost indécent for a couple to dine at a three-star Michelin restaurant à Paris, pour example, eef zee gentleman's standard of attire does not compliment that of zee gentlewoman.

Me: Most definitely. Can you show me some of your favorite men's and women's outfits?

RomanticaNocturnis: Avec plaisir. Theess is one of my favorite ensembles for the proper gentleman:

Me: I can see why. The repetition of pinstripe along with the subtle change from black to charcoal to black again is quite striking.

RomanticaNocturnis: Eggzactly. Zank you so very much for zee kind words. A gentleman of any age would look so very distinguished in thees attire.

Me: Indeed. And a sample of one of your favorite lady's ensembles?

RomanticaNocturnis: Mais oui.

Me: How lovely. Does your shop include only black?

RomanticaNocturnis: Mais non! One of my centerpiece creations eez bursting weeth color:

Me: I would imagine apparel of this stature must be treated with great care.

RomanticaNocturnis: Mais pas de tout. Whenever possible, my shopkeeper, Madamoiselle Joëlle, creates garments zat can be washed and dried automatically. Every exquisite detail of my clothing may appear to have been made in zee Victorian era, but I see no reason not to use zee modern technology aussi. One is amazed at zee fabrique of today; zee most delicate lace zat stretches to almost any size, and some of Madamoiselle Joëlle's creations may be sleeped right over zee body! C'est truly amazing.

Me: Does Mademoiselle ever make accessories to wear with her extraordinary clothing?

RomanticaNocturnis: Of course! Zees ees one of my absolute favoreetes:

Me: How lovely! I supppose I should let you get back to your shopkeeping. It's been a pleasure.

RomanticaNocturnis: Sûrement. Merci beaucoup. I hope you veesit soon.