Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time Traveler's Interview with FangtasticCards

Hello, fellow Time Travelers. Today I will be interviewing a charming new shop called FangtasticCards: Ces Choses Sont Secrets, Handmade Greeting Cards.

The shop's banner says it all:

Fangtastic: Forgive my impertinence, s'il vous plait, but before we begin, may I state a request?

Me: By all means.

Fangtastic: Of course I welcome all visitors at all times, but I must say that I am at my best after sunset, and would very much prefer if readers of this interview could stop by in the evening.

Me: Can you elaborate on why you prefer night visitors?

Fangtastic: I believe that my shopkeeper Madame says it best in her description of our work:

Variety is the spice of life.
Although my main theme of greeting cards are dark and Gothic,
I do love Halloween, Witches, Edgar Allan Poe and Marie Antoinette.
I believe that is evidenced by my cards.
I strive to offer well made cards that you can't find at Hallmark...yet.

Because most of my items are creatures of the night, they prefer to be viewed as such. I must admit I do not understand exactly why Marie Antoinette inhabits my shop. Wow that she has passed on to the great unknown, perhaps Marie Antoinette also prefers visitors of the night. Perhaps you should ask this question of Madame herself?

Me: I will most certainly do that. Can you tell me why your shopkeeper has adopted such an enigmatic name?

Fangtastic: Mais oui, I could do that, but it would be très impolite. I do not know if it is her desire to reveal such information to the public; had that been her intent, peut-être she would have done so herself?

Me: Well put. Could you tell me some of your favorite items, and why you chose them?

Fangtastic: Bien sûr! To choose is, how do I say, difficile, because all Madame's cards are exquisite yet unique, and their messages are timeless.

Here is an example of my Madame's penchant for the pun, and for the gothic red and black. I cannot think of anyone who would not be honored to receive cette carte, pardonez-moi, this card, vampire, human, or other:

I am also honored to display this card, which showcases her more delicate side:

Another item I adore is this mysterious mother and daughter raven card. My dear Madame explains the sentiment so well "Lovely to give for any occasion, especially for those we love … to death."

Before it slips my memory, might I add that am very proud that all of my cards ship for free? They are left blank on the inside, for your own unique words. Such elegant gestures on the part of my Madame. And of course I am always adding new cards for new tastes and occasions.

Me: Quite so. You mentioned an aversion to the inclusion of Marie Antoinette amongst your items?

Fangtastic: Mais non, pas du tout! Not at all. I merely wonder about her presence with my other items. Nonetheless, this card of hers beautifully captures such a universal truth; love is all you need:

And, of course, for the strong of heart, I adore my classic dark cards, such as this beauty, which could be sent anytime, expressing whatever sentiment is desired:

Me: Would you have any cards that would be appropriate for children?

Fangtastic: But of course. The youngest child, Parisian or not, could not help being enchanted with this lovely card:

Madame and I attempt to always offer something for everyone, of all tastes and desires.

Me: I can see that. Thank you so much for your time.

Fangtastic: Thank you. It has been a great pleasure to speak with you, and if I was of assistance to my dear Madame in any way, I am eternally grateful.

Me: I had a lovely time interviewing you, as well. I'm certain Madame will be thrilled to read your charming words.


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  2. what fun! Great interview & I enjoyed looking around the shop

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