Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time Traveler's Team Interviews Clockwork Cutie

Hello again, fellow Time Travelers. Clockwork Cutie has been gracious enough to let me interview her today.

Me: Hello, Clockwork Cutie. As might be expected, many but not all of your contents pertain to timepieces, specifically, steampunk timepieces. Are your items intended to be used for telling time, or for their aesthetic beauty?

Clockwork Cutie: Oh, gee. I never really thought about that! Hmm. Nope, I suppose I'm just full of fun and pretty pieces. I kind of doubt that they actually tell time; that's not really the point. But you never know!

Items: (interrupting): We all love Cutie dearly, but she can be a bit of an airhead.

Gothic Steampunk Red Peacock Fascinator: Seriously. I don't even contain a timepiece!

Me:  Oops. I didn't realize. My fault entirely; never judge a shop by its name and all that. What a beautiful feather fascinator. Do you have any other non-clockwork related items you'd like to showcase?

Clockwork Cutie: Of course! Sorry about my items interrupting. I guess we're not used to being interviewed. Usually we just hang around and have fun.

Me: No worries. I hope I'm not boring you.

Clockwork Cutie: Of course not! Don't be silly. This is fun!

Me: Moving on, while we're on the subject of pieces not restricted to the theme of time, do you have a particular favorite?

Clockwork Cutie: Well, of course I love all my items, but I particularly like this purple barrette/pin. It's so cool that you can use it two differnt ways. And, well, I have to admit that purple is my favorite color. I wish Amy would use it more often.

Me: I can see why. Not only is it lovely, but it contains one of your shopkeeper's great-grandmother's vintage buttons. What a delightful combination of contemporary and vintage.

Clockwork Cutie: Yes, Amy is really proud of that one. Me too!

Me: If you don't mind, can we move on to some of your clockwork related pieces?

Clockwork Cutie: Sure. One of my favorites is this Clockface Steampunk Flower Pin/Clip. I just love the miniature clock in place of the number six. It's so cute.

Me: Yes, it's quite clever and beautiful. As well as multi-functional. Are all your items hairpieces or pins?

Clockwork Cutie: Oh, no! I have tons of really nice pendants. See?

Me: I see what you mean. I particularly love the heart shape of the first pendant, and the bronze and brass vintage hour and minute hands of the second.

Clockwork Cutie: Me too. One of my favorite things about Amy is that she makes so many different things. And, of course she's so talented. Plus she's really really nice. And cute. :)

Items: (interrupting): Shhh! You'll embarrass her.

Clockwork Cutie: Oops. Sorry about that.

Me: Well, uh, in any case. It's been a pleasure to interview you. I'm not really used to interviewing such, erm, vivacious shops! Please pass my compliments on to the creator of your wonderful pieces.

Clockwork Cutie: Sure thing. I'll definitely let Amy know how cool you think we are.

Me: Uh, thanks. Well, I'm afraid I have to say goodbye, but I hope this interview generates even more interest in your obviously popular shop.

Clockwork Cutie: Ooh! I hope so! I love meeting new customers. It's been so much fun to talk with you. Come over and say hi sometime!

Me: Thank you. I will. And thank you so much for your time and delightful conversation.


  1. fun piece - enjoying the shop & item "voices" in these interview. Lovely items too

  2. Love that fascinator, great colours

  3. Awesome work Amy! So glad your "inner voices" can relate! :)

  4. Thanks guys for your comments. It makes me feel like a Real Blogger ;)

  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to subscribe to this blog, rather than just to follow-up comments? If so, please convo me on Etsy. The orange link Post Comments (Atom) doesn't work.

    Gee that makes me feel so professional ... not.

  6. I forgot to mention that the orange link Post Comments (Atom) is very funny and deserves a click, especially if you're a computer programmer as a day gig.

  7. YAY!!! I have added a link on the right which sends you an email each time a new shop interview is published! I think...