Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time Travelers Team Interviews ArtSnark

Hello fellow Time Travelers. I just managed to squeeze in this month's inverview! It's my pleasure to announce that this time, I am interviewing the shop ArtSnark, fanciful objects for the eclectic soul. I must admit I am looking forward to talking with this shop; I love fanciful, and my soul is nothing if not eclectic. However, this interview is with ArtSnark, not me, so let's sit down with a nice cuppa and get started.

Me: Wow! You certainly *are* full of fanciful objects for the eclectic soul. As a shop, you have a more coherent collection than most.  Your items have a definite style, and are indeed quite varied at the same time. Do you ever find your items bickering with each other about which has the best style?

ArtSnark: Funny you should ask that. For a while, every time my shopkeeper added a new painting, I was afraid it might not be welcomed. Especially if it was in a new style. But actually, my items never quarrel and get along just fine with each other. They've told me that since they all come from a different part of my shopkeeper's psyche, they feel a deep connection with each other. In fact, when our shopkeeper's been busy painting and hasn't listed anything new for a while, I've overheard my paintings whispering "We're bored. What's she doing? Painting a mural? We want someone new to talk to." Even though my paintings are wonderful, they are a bit demanding to create. I don't think they understand the concept that creating a painting takes much longer than listing it. Thank you. I'll have to have a talk with them about that.

Me: Happy to help. Do you have a favorite painting we can start with?
ArtSnark: I don't really have favorites because I love them all, but how about we start with two very different paintings and I can explain what I like about each?
Me: Great idea. You're so friendly and perceptive, I feel as if I don't even have to ask you questions; I can just let you run the show.
ArtSnark: Flattering is that is to hear, please don't! I don't get as much human contact as I'd like. You three-dimensional beings are so fascinating to me. I'm loving talking to you!
Me: Well, thank you very much. Let's go on to the two paintings, shall we?
ArtSnark: Of course.

ArtSnark: This is one of my favorite paintings. Not only is it exquisitely colorful, but it speaks to the mind as well as the eye. When this was first listed, I thought it was about a happy and free woman, and wondered if my shopkeeper had made a mistake with the title. Then I took a closer look and saw that her  hair is almost invective, and the red took on the quality of anger. My shopkeeper can be quite subtle.
Me: Indeed.

ArtSnark: Moving on to Red's Dream. At first glance it appears to depict a young girl resting, gazing happily into the distance, quite content. On further examination, we see that she is lying on what appears to be a skull, and the woman she might be dreaming about is facing away from her. As opposed to "A Woman Scorned," "Red's Dream" is heavily layered and collaged and easy to get lost in. I just realized the irony of comparing an angry woman framed in red, and a soft composition called "Red's Dream". My shopkeeper has painted a series of works about Little Red Riding Hood; none of which look remotely like the facile pictures you may have seen in children's books.
Me: I see your point. You know, it's fascinating to hear you deconstruct these paintings. If your shopkeeper ever moves on, you might consider a job as a docente.
ArtSnark: No no no! My paintings and I would be devastated to lose our shopkeeper. Thank you for the compliment, but I hope that never happens.
Me: Since you talk so eloquently about your paintings, can I ask you about a few of my favorites?
ArtSnark: Of course.

ArtSnark: Ah, Poppet Holiday. This is a mixed media piece, and began life as an ACEO. Despite its small size, the piece is full of detail. It again makes you wonder; is the poppet merely tired and glad to have a break, or is she devastated because her puppeteer dropped the strings and unceremoniously plopped her on the sand? I love this piece because it has the innocence of a child's drawing, yet so much complexity both of execution and theme.
Me: Uh, once again I find I have nothing to say; you've said it all. Here's another of my favorites:

ArtSnark: Well, of course the colors in this piece are breathtaking, and my shopkeeper told me that she woke up one dawn with this fanciful image in her head. I'm partial to paintings based on dreams. The combination of the helium balloon and the man riding a penny farthing is unusually clever, and the steampunk flavor shows the breadth of my shopkeeper's work. Again, we have an ACEO created from mixed media; subtle watercolors and bold markers.
Me: I feel like you should be credited for this interview, not me. You're doing all the work!
ArtSnark: Talking about my paintings is never work! It's one of my favorite occupations. May I end with a choice that highlights the breadth of my different paintings?
Me: Please do.

Me: Wow! That could have been painted by a different artist altogether!
ArtSnark: Ah, but it isn't. Once again, the green stripes of envy hide a very light yellow image of two lovers; most likely the origin of her envy.

Me: I could happily go on forever discussing your paintings with you, or, more accurately, listing to you explain them. But I'm afraid I have to cut this short. Thank you so very much for your time and effort. You are the most eloquent shop I've had the pleasure to interview.
ArtSnark: The pleasure has been all mine.


  1. What fun! I think my shop is so chatty as it is terribly lonely - I need to start paying it more attention & add all the new oddities piling up around here. Many thanks, Jill!

    1. Nah. Don't worry. Your shop is chatty cause it loves to talk. It's quite intelligent and perceptive, but I think it would be chatty even if you had time to pay more attention. It would, of course, be thrilled if you added oddities...

      Shops don't get that lonely because they can talk with all their items. No worries.